In an industry that is time-sensitive, OMS can deliver complete and seamless solutions, attributed by a strong technical team, unparalled project management team and the right vessels, tools and equipment.

Our subsea cable lay vessel CS Ill De Re is equipped to perform high speed cable installation and maintenance projects, while our cable lay barges Cable Orchestra and Cable Empowered are special purpose built vessels for shore end cable installation and marine support works.

Our team has been involved in most Subsea Cable Laying Projects in the Asia Pacific region and have worked alongside global telecommunications conglomerates and government offices of various countries spanning across the globe.

Our track record built over the past 30 years include the following areas of expertise

  • Pre-landing Survey
  • Marine Survey
  • Existing Cable Localisation
  • PLGR and Route Clearance
  • Cable Landing
  • BMH Cable Termination
  • Beach Burial
  • Cable Protection Installation
  • Cable Crossing
  • Pipeline Crossing
  • Cable Testing
  • End-to-end Cable Landing And Installation
Our other Submarine Cable Installation expertise include:
  • Direct Landing Support and Diver Post Burial
    We are equipped with a full suite of diving and water jetting equipment which is managed by our experienced Beach Masters and Beach Team for direct cable landing works 
  • Pre Lay Grapnel Run and Route Clearance
    We have a wide network of resources to perform Route Clearance and Pre Lay Grapnel Runs, with a proven track record of projects completed in Asia.
  • Post Lay Inspection Burial
    Through collaboration with various strategic partners, OMS has ready access to experienced Remote Operated Vehicle (“ROV”) and Engineering Teams to perform Post Lay Inspection Burial. Over the years, we have completed numerous Post Lay Inspection Burial projects in South East Asia.
  • Maintenance/Remedial Cable Works
    We are equipped with the right vessels to perform cable maintenance or remedial works in both shallow and deep waters.
  • Consultation/Design/Route Planning
    OMS provides consultation for route planning and design through desktop studies and implementation strategies. OMS resources and partners are spread throughout Asia to provide the most efficient cable routes to enable quick implementation and installation in the region.
  • Guard Boats And Security
    OMS provides guard boats and security services to safeguard unburied cables, prevent unauthorised anchoring and restrict fishing and trawling activities from being in close proximity to cable laying activities.
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